Sale in Matas

So, the other day I got an email from Club Matas that they were having an inventory sale.

Oh how lovely!

So of course I was going! I asked a friend of mine to come along as shopping is always nicer when you have company. None of really knew what to expect; maybe they just needed money or maybe they were just getting rid of all the stuff that they cannot sell normally. As it turns out, the earlier was the case. They opened up their tiny back room to about 15-20 people where they had between 25-50 % discount.

Here is what I bought:


I bought some hair wax for my boyfriend and in the make-up department I bought 1000 kisses by Rimmel London in the shade of Grippy Grape. The lipstick is not really for everyday use, but luckily I’ve got a party coming up this friday 😉 Aside from that I also got Maybelline New York’s Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder in the shade of 01 Blonde as I am not exactly the most tanned person you can find (just way ’til I get back from my holiday!). Last but not least I bought my go-to mascara, the Volume Million Lashes Excess by L’Oréal Paris – Love it!


Then there’s the Nivea In-shower Body Lotion which I only bought because it was on sale and I wanted to try it out as i HATE HATE HATE putting on lotion!

As you may have noticed in the picture, I was mainly there for the nail polish as I have quite an obsession with nail art at the moment. I got 8 different colours + Essie Good to Go (top and base coat). So today I decided to wear the white nail polish with a silver glitter accent on the ring fingers.


I LOOOVE sale, but I don’t think I will need to buy more nail polish anytime soon.

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