31 day nail polish challenge: Day 2: Orange Nails

Orange nails. Right. That proved to be a bit of a challenge as I do not own any orange nail polishes and I have already maxed out my nail polish budget for at couple of months.

Creativity is the key!

I ended up mixing together a red and a yellow colour that I already had in my collection. I put a drop of red and two drops of yellow onto a small piece of tin foil and mixed it together with a paint brush. It tried out different colour combinations, but it the end I found that the mix that looked the most like ‘real’ orange was this. I mixed together L’Oréal Paris – Banana Pop and Rimmel London – Celebrity Bash. Afterwards I put on a layer of Essie – Good to go. as top coat.


Because I painted it on with a regular stiff paint brush, I couldn’t get it to look as smooth as regular nail polish, so I ended up putting a layer of L’Oréal Paris – Top Coat Carat on top to take attention away from the imperfect application and onto the colour.

Here is the result:


Have a nice day – see you next time!

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