31 day nail polish challenge: Day 5: Blue


Day number 5 is bluuuue!

As oppose to the previous solid colour-days I decided to do something more with this colour. I had some more time (and let’s not forget patience) today, so I decided to make a blue gradient on my nails – yeah okay, maybe not so complicated, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and already do some of the designs from the other challenges, although I’m really looking forward to something a little more challenging than colours.

blåI used two colours. The darkest one kind of looks like black, especially in the pictures, but it is really just a very dark blue. I don’t usually like blue colours that are so deep that they don’t really look like blue anymore, but with this particular nail polish I can work around that if I just apply one coat. In these pictures I’m wearing two coats though as the application of the first layer wasn’t to my satisfaction.

The darkest blue is Rhythm and blues by Rimmel London and the lighter blue is Mesmerised by Essie.

I tried two different techniques for this. I’ve seen all over the internet how people apply the two colours onto a sponge and then sponge it on to the nail. I think that was too messy – there was so much cleaning up around the nail to do! I see why people do it as it looks really pretty, but when I went back to clean up around the nail I actually ended up ruining the polish on my pinky 😥 😥 So I ended up taking it off again and tried a different, cleaner technique that I’ve just recently discovered on a blog, that I can’t remember the name of so I can’t give the author credit – sorry.

With this technique I applied the darker blue all over my nails and while that was still dry (well dry-ish), I applied some of the lighter blue on to a sponge and then sponged it on the tips of my nails. I found it much easier to clean up around my nails with this technique and it looks almost the same.

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but I had some issues with some air bubbles on my pointer – do any of you have any advice about how to avoid that?

Have a nice day!

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