My holiday in Tunisia + DIY Gift Box

Hello guys!

Sunday evening/monday morning at 4 am I returned home after a holiday in Tunisia.

We were invited on this holiday by my grandparents to celebrate their golden anniversary. As they had held a huge party at their 25th anniversary, they decided that they wanted to do something different for their 50th. They invited their two daughters and 3 grandchildren + the partners making us a total of 10 people!

It was a very lovely trip! The hotel was beautiful and the service was amazing. There were these entertainers/animators running around all day trying to find people to join their activities. It was an all-inclusive hotel, and the food was good – It consisted of a lot of chicken (which I’m not a big fan of) which was a small minus, but other than that it was quite tasty. The hotel was probably the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at.


Friday was the day of their anniversary and everywhere we went to eat, the servers had decorated the table with flowers and after dinner they had made us a special cake – my grandparents were very happy!

DIY gift box

The grandparents had absolutely NO wishes at all! That is why we had to be creative. That task fell onto my mother, boyfriend and I. My mother had an old, black gift box from a couple of years ago. We painted the lid gold and then painted on some black flowers and the number 50.


20141016_185101Inside the box we had folded 12 smaller boxes out of different patterned paper



And inside THESE boxes were tiny pieces of paper glued to the bottom with 12 different experiences/events that they would have with us within the next 12 months – one for each month.


The experiences varied in category and in participants. For examples one is a bowling trip with all, whereas another is a lunch with their grandchild and his girlfriend. Shown in the picture is the last experience of the bunch, which is a restaurant visit with all of us on the day of their 51st anniversary.

My grandparents are usually not good with words, but reading the pieces of paper brought them to tears, which really said all that was necessary!

One thought on “My holiday in Tunisia + DIY Gift Box

  1. Lisbeth 21/10/2014 / 22:36

    Hvor er det bare en fin gave i fik lavet til dem. Super god ide, og rigtigt flot udført. Nu giver det mere mening, hvorfor du skulle skynde dig hjem og lave gave hehe 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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