31 day nail polish challenge: Day 10: Gradient nails


Now we’re getting on to the part of the challenge which is lot more fun!

I actually have a list of ideas for all of the remaining days of the challenge 🙂

So day 10 is gradient nails.

On the day of blue nails I also made a gradient, but I thought it was a little too dark.


So this time I stayed in the blue colour family, but chose white and light blue instead. I actually made it with acrylic paint because I had read/heard that it worked a little better and dried a lot faster – and as I’ve previously mentioned I don’t have that much patience for it to dry, and it is a lot cheaper, so I was sold!

I think there are pros and cons of using acrylic paint. It is definitely easier to mix colours as you want them and dries really fast! But because it dries so fast you have to be pretty quick to clean up around your nails or it will be really difficult – something I didn’t know before which made the whole thing a little ‘messy’ to look at.

Love, Nanna

9 thoughts on “31 day nail polish challenge: Day 10: Gradient nails

  1. lisbethvestergard 04/11/2014 / 20:06

    Aaaaarh, smart! Jeg syntes nok at det så lidt anderledes ud end det plejer haha :b


    • nasjae93 04/11/2014 / 23:49

      Fordi det er maling? 🙂


      • lisbethvestergard 05/11/2014 / 09:55

        Ja det vil jeg tro :b
        Synes det så lidt tykkere ud end normalt (:


      • nasjae93 05/11/2014 / 12:23

        På den grimme måde? 🙂


      • lisbethvestergard 05/11/2014 / 12:30

        Ikke grimt nej, bare anderledes :b


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