Things to do this weekend

1. Get a head start on the Christmas shopping
It’s always nice not having to stress about it at the last minute. But be careful – being this early might mean that’s it’s easier to find gifts for yourself. NO, wallet – stay inside the purse, I don’t need all of that stuff with my birthday and Christmas coming up.

2. Watch your favorite TV show
I’m currently watching Bones with my boyfriend and Pretty Little Liars on my own. That’s how I’ll spend most of my weekend šŸ˜‰

3. Put on clean bedsheets.
There’s nothing better than sliding under freshly washed and tumbled bedsheets, is there?

4. Put on a face mask and reshape your eyebrows, shave your legs etc.
Doing all of the beauty things you don’t always have time for doing the week.

5. Read a book just for fun
If you’re a student you know the feeling of always reading something relevant for school – this weekend (or at least some of it) take out the book that has stood unopened on your shelf for far too long.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Nanna

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