My package arrived

About a week ago I ordered three things on Amazon. All three items are nail-related. But because it is Amazon, the items are dispatched seperately. Amazon is cheap, but that sure is a negative aspect to Amazon. Anyway, so yesterday one of the packages arrived, which I will tell you about now.  The other two things I will tell you about when the arrive.

Yesterday I recieved ten small rolls of striping tape. I’ve been wanting to buy that for so long, but never really got around to doing it before now.
I’m sorry I couldn’t include a picture. I’m writing this post from my tablet, and it simply wouldn’t let me upload the picture to the post 😦 Maybe I’ll get around to doing that once I’m back on my computer.

The colours of the rolls are:

And as a bonus I also recieved a pile of cotton pads that I didn’t know was included when I ordered lol.

I’m super excited to experiment with this and (hopefully) create some beautiful nail art.

Love, Nanna

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