My birthday presents


I just wanted to share my birthday presents with you guys!

My boyfriend got me a book that I had forgotten I wanted, a sign that say “Love you to the moon and back” – it’s kinda an inside-thing, but there is a story to it, he’s not just being cheesy 😉 He also gave me two nail polishes, a white and a purple glitter, but I didn’t like the purple so much because it had a clear base so I exchanged that for two other colours, a blue/green glitter on a blue base and also to a purple grape colour.

Last saturday when I had my friends over they got me 4 shower gels from Body Shop that I haven’t got a picture of because I started using it already and took it out of the box. They also got me the Harry Potter box on DVD. Since I already have the DVDs I was going to exchange them for the Blu-ray box, but then when I got there I all of a sudden wanted something else instead. I bought three DVDs instead.

My mother-in-law, her boyfriend and my brother-in-law gave me a necklace in the shape of a fly. Very pretty, I’ve been wearing it since I got it.

My dad gave me money because he found it easier – and then I can spend the money on something later on when I find something I desperately need but doesn’t have money for.

My mother gave me all sorts of things. She bought me a board game called Sequence and some clothes for fitness. The pants are SOOO comfortable and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I’m gonna have to put another pair on my wish list so I have a pair for everyday-wear and a pair for fitness. She got me a black cardigan which was very pretty, but itchy unfortunately, so I exchanged it for a very comfy, blue cardigan with white stars and three nail polishes. Lastly, she gave me a crackle-polish, but I’m not a big fan of the concept so I exchanged it for a nail strengthening polish.

Yes, I’ve been very busy exchanging it all already 😉

Here are some ‘swatches’ of the polishes on a piece of paper:

neglelak swatches

I’m going to do actual swatches on my nails later on for you to see 🙂

Thanks for reading – have a nice day!

Love, Nanna

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