20 random questions – tag

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without?

My iPod! How else would I entertain myself on the go?

2.Favorite brand of makeup?

Hm. I don’t really have an all-time favorite, but I really like L’Oréal’s mascaras and Body Shop’s eyeliner.

3.Favorite Flowers?

Which ever I’m lucky enough to get 😀

4.Favorite clothing stores?

H&M. Cheap, but pretty. And they have a big selection and something for every taste.

5.Favorite perfume?

Right now it’s Christina Aguilera – Red Sin.

6.Heels or flats?

I have an obsession with very high heels and I own too many pairs! But since my ex-boyfriend was only a couple of centimeters taller than me, he didn’t like it when I wore 10 cm heels, so I stopped. My boyfriend is 2.04 m, so I’ve been wanting to get into it again, but it has just been too long. My feet hurt after 10 seconds and I just end up in flats 😦

7.Do you make good grades?

Decent. I’m sort of an average-person (maybe a little above). I do pretty well overall, but I don’t have a subject where I excel.

8.Favorite colors?

Bordeaux. And Teal. It changes often, sometimes even day-to-day. But these two are always pretty!

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

No. They do anything for me, and frankly they just taste like nothing but sugar.
10.Do you drink juice?

Sometimes apple juice. Pineapple juice when on holiday because I have yet to find a good pineapple juice in Denmark. I only drink orange juice without pulp. And only if nothing else is available.

11.Do you like swimming?

I used to. When I was younger my parents couldn’t get me out of the water when on holiday. Now I’ve gotten afraid of sea weed, so only in the pool and only to cool off from the sun.

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?

No. Too hard.

13.Whats your favorite moisturizer?

The one I have in my cupboard. Which is probably the cheapest.

14.Do you want to get married later on in life?

YES! Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but marriage before kids (unless they are accidental).

15.Do you get mad easily?

hm.. no?.. not at al….. Okay, yes. My boyfriend takes all the hits. But often it quickly surpasses and I’m pretty good at apologizing later if the anger wasn’t justified.

16.Are you into ghost hunting?

I’m too scared. Yes, I watched all five seasons of Ghost Whisperer, and I’m still afraid of passing mirrors at night…

17.Any phobias?

Drowning. I haven’t watched Titanic and probably never will. Why I thought I could would ‘Life of Pi’ I’ll never know. “What, a movie about a boy stranded on a boat, how could that possibly be about water?”. I always look away when there’s something with people almost-drowning on TV. Once I was playing a game on PS3 and my boyfriend had to take over in a part about escaping water while I sat in the next room.

18.Do you bite your nails?


19.Have you ever had a near death experience?

Some that have felt like it, but looking back I was never even close. Drama queen, much?

20.Do you drink coffee?

If I have to. But it don’t clap my hands in joy when someone asks if I want some coffee.

2 thoughts on “20 random questions – tag

  1. lisbethvestergard 18/12/2014 / 11:02

    Vi burde gå i heel bootcamp sammen haha. Get those feet back into shape :b

    Og let’s face it: spejle er mega skræmmende!


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