Sally Hansen – Luxe Lace in Eyelet swatch and review

Okay, so it took like 2 seconds for me to crack.. The day after I wrote the post about my wish list I went out and bought one of the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace polishes (the same day I bought Sally Hansen’s Color Frenzy).. tsk tsk tsk… To justify it a bit I was already shopping and I thought this was on sale because it was in between nail polishes with 50 % off.. Nope, just a misplacement.. Which I found out after I paid because I bought some Body Oil as well.. Oh well, I’d already bought it then…

I got the white one even though I’d rather have the one with blue in it as well, but I couldn’t find that..

Here I put it over Sally Hansen – Pat on the Black.
sally hansen eyelet

Here I put it over Essie – Cocktails and coconuts

sally hansen eyelet1

Brand: Sally Hansen

Colour: Luxe Lace in the colour Eyelet

Price: 89,95 DKK ($15 / £10)

Review; The glitter payoff was really good! Since the Color Frenzy disappointment my expectations were pretty low, which they needn’t have been! You don’t have to leave the bottle upside-down beforehand, every time you dunk the brush in the bottle a lot of glitter follows. You really only need one coat to get a great coverage. I does remind me a bit of Maybelline’s Color Show: White Splatter except for the colour which doesn’t make this one so unique as I might have hoped, but then again, I also really liked the White Splatter one, so I don’t mind that they are pretty similar.

Repurchase: Most definitely! I hope this collection actually comes on sale some time soon so I can get the remaining three polishes in the collection!

Over and out, Nanna

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