A day in the life #1

  1. Why is it you always wait until the last moment to study for an exam? PANIC!
  2. I have a weird overwhelming need for gummy bears.
  3. I’m giving my nails a little break from polish. They are pretty ruined and could use the break, but it is so hard! I have so many designs and new polishes that I want to try out. Just a few more days!
  4. I hate it being this cold! One thing is when it’s outside, but when you’ve turned all of your radiators well up and you’re still cold inside, then it’s too much.
  5. All of last night I had an annoying eye twitch. Makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything else.
  6. Our dining table has loose screws in the legs so it wobbles. It bothers me deeply, but every time I notice, all these things are on the table and I’m too lazy to move all of the things to tighten the screws, and when the table is tidied I’ve forgotten again.
  7. I constantly feel the urge to splurge these days. Almost doesn’t matter what I spend money on, I just love new things! The aftermath of a fall full of presents, I think. But I can’t. Hashtag Student life. Ugh.
  8. I sure hope my boyfriend deals with me all through university. I’m a much nicer person when I’m not in school, and I would very much like for him to get to know that side of me.

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