Manicure of the day #9: Mountain Dotticure

Actually this was my manicure from two days ago I just didn’t get it uploaded until now..

One week without polish was all I could handle before cracking. But overall, I’m quite proud of myself for lasting that long. But my nails needed the break, and I think I’m going to try to leave my nails naked for at least 24 hours between my manicures from now on to give my nails some air.

I was going to do the water marble-challenge from 31 day challenge which I’m crazily behind on, but then I saw a video on YouTube with a really cool design that I wanted to recreate and the other one just had to wait! Mine is not nearly as pretty, but I was sort of going for a slightly different look anyway.

Here are the polishes I used (apart from base and top coat):


And here is the finished look!

dotted mountains

It’s actually funny how quickly you can forget how to apply polish. I practically smeared it all over the place which left a lot of clean up to do.

If you liked my version, then definitely go check out the original version.

Over and out, Nanna

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