Painting my friend’s nails

Yesterday, I had the lovely company of two of my close friends and a boyfriend. One of them is going to London (lucky her! Not at all jealous!) so she asked if I would paint her nails before leaving. She wanted something symmetrical (not like the chaos I sometimes have on my nails 😉 ) and she wanted something classy. I suggested a design and she chose the colours.

Polishes used:

Essie – The Perfect Cover Up (dark grey)

L’Oréal – 843 (Gold glitter)

Here is the finished look:

Katrines hånd

The darker colour looks black in this picture, but it is actually a very dark grey. I think this came out looking pretty amazing! I would definitely recreate this sometime on my nails – the colours look so good together! Maybe I’d do it with a dark green and the gold, which we also considered yesterday, but decided that it might look a little to christmas-y.

Have a wonderful trip to London, Katrine!


One thought on “Painting my friend’s nails

  1. Anonymous 02/02/2015 / 21:57

    Thank you Nanna 🙂 I become excited about my nails every time I look at them 😛 😀


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