When will I ever learn…?

….. that even though you think your nail polish will survive cleaning the apartment, it never does…



Even though my health is not quite back to normal yet and I woke myself up this morning with a coughing attack, we’ve been meaning to totally spring clean the apartment for a long time, but something always came in the way (that something being laziness). But since it is spring break, it’s time for some spring cleaning. And so that’s what we did! We just took it easy so I wouldn’t feel too bad.

Here, 5 or 6 hours after we started we are sitting in a totally clean apartment, and I love that feeling! Now there’s only a massive pile of laundry for us to do tomorrow – yes we waited VERY long to do this – it doesn’t even fit inside the hamper anymore šŸ˜‰


… and then it’s time for some serious relaxing the rest of the break!

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