Shopping haul


Bra // Panties // Gosh Primer // H&M Matte Lipstick // Dove deeply nourishing // Dove fresh

For the first time in so long, I actually allowed myself to buy something when shopping. I’d set myself up for buying EVERYTHING, but I’m actually a little disappointed that I found so little I actually wanted to buy.


Thanks Laura, for the tip of where to buy this – this is so comfortable AND pretty. I just might get this set in every color available because I’m not gonna want to take it off once I put it on!


The Gosh stand at my local drugstore had a 40 % sign, so I had to go look at it. But I only ended up getting this – I’ve never actually used a primer before, but some of the youtubers I follow all raid on about the necessity of it, so.. Let’s give it a go.


H&M actually has a lot of pretty makeup these days. I haven’t tried it before, but it is cheap so it allows you to try something you might not otherwise, and then if you like it you can always get it in a better quality.


I’m not so sure this is my color, it’s definitely not for everyday use, but with a nice dress and hair I think it could look pretty.


Oh, I am such a sucker for easy-to-use moisturizer. I saw a commercial for this on tv a couple of days ago and today they were on sale. I’m looking forward to see if these work like they are supposed to and if they work just as well or better than the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion I reviewed a while ago.

12 thoughts on “Shopping haul

  1. Karen Rees 01/04/2015 / 20:26

    Awesome goodies – love everything you treated yourself too!! Enjoy them all 😀 Karen X


  2. Lisbeth 01/04/2015 / 21:04

    Hahaha, hvor sjovt! Jeg sidder bogstaveligt talt i bussen på vej hjem fra Rosengårdcenteret, hvor jeg lige har købt en bh, som minder utroligt meget om den, du har der xD


  3. camilouba 03/04/2015 / 16:55

    Uhh.. The bra is pretty! *-* 🙂


      • camilouba 03/04/2015 / 17:49

        Maybe I should buy one….. Been looking at one that looks like it for ages! But I think I already used my quota of money for this month already. ^^


      • camilouba 03/04/2015 / 18:06

        Well, I understand why, they look perfect for under tops when summer comes! 🙂


      • camilouba 03/04/2015 / 19:32

        Darn it.. I want one! 😦


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