Summer, is that you?

Today, I felt tempted to ride my bike to uni. I didn’t do it because I’m lazy, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been tempted.


I just love that the weather is getting better! We have a balcony in our apartment and we haven’t been able to use it before these past few days.

We don’t have any chairs out there yet – I had two chairs and a table where I lived before I moved in with my boyfriend, but at that apartment we didn’t have a balcony, so they are currently being stored at my mother’s house. If we’re lucky, she’ll bring them by on thursday. So far we’ve (mostly me) been sitting on pillows on the ground, which is okay when you’re just enjoying the sun, but at some point during the summer we might want to eat out there and then it’s not optimal sitting on the ground.


Yesterday, we sat out there for about an hour and when I went to sleep last night I noticed that my face had gotten a little bit of color. I mean, I get tanned in a red-ish kind of way, so my nose and cheeks had a slight red tint to it, but at least that makes me look alive and not paper white.

It is incredible how much the sun does for your mood! I’m one of those people who suffer from winter depression and I’m tired all the time, but once the sun pops out my energy rises. I was so tired when in class today, but I went out there after I came home and I’m not nearly as tired anymore! It is so nice to sit in the sun and listen to music and just be alone for even just an hour. We live on the third and top floor so we’re nicely secluded from everone else and I must admit that because no one can see me, I have performed a soundless musical or two.

I'm doing the flower theme today
Can you guess the unintentional theme of today?

Yesterday, we were being traditional Danes and wasn’t wearing too much clothes outside. That’s just a typical Danish thing, isn’t it? Once the temperature rises over 15 degrees you take of all of your winter clothes thinking it is warm enough and catch a cold. And everybody does this. Every year. Will we ever learn? I think not.

How are you enjoying the sun?

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