Friday Favorites

I’ve had a short week this week – only two school days and then six days of weekend vacation because of Store Bededag (Great Prayer Day), which just so happens to collide with 1st May, which is International Worker’s Day so we’d have the day off anyways. Later today, we are hanging out with some friends in “celebration” (drinking beer) of 1st May.

But first, I wanted to share my friday favorites with you – I haven’t been too active this week and I don’t plan on being too active this weekend either – we’ll see about that. Anyways, since last friday I knew I wanted to share these products with you, I just had to wait for friday (favorites). 

IMG_1468These are the shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask from Wella Professional’s Brilliance series.

Lisbeth is a hair model for them and sometimes she gets to take home some of their products and she had a set to spare for me!

This series is actually not suited for my hair at all – it is for coloured hair, which I do not have, and it is for fine/normal hair, whereas mine is more on the coarse/thick side. But who am I to say no to free products? And I’m very fond of them either way.


The shampoo foams when you massage your scalp. I haven’t really had shampoo that did that before, but I really like it! It makes me feel like I don’t need as much to cover all of my long hair and it is easier to distribute it to the hair that way. I’m definitely won over by foaming shampoo!


The conditioner is like regular conditioner, nothing fancy-schmancy there.

Treatment Mask

I’ve tried treatment masks before and I really like how soft they make your hair feel! This works really well and untangles my hair perfectly.


Now, I realize it might be hard to see, why I’ve chosen these as my favorites, since the only one I’ve actually raved about was the shampoo. What I really like about this is that you have the entire set so you don’t “confuse” the smell your hair gets – I like scented everything, but I rarely have products matched in scent so it ends up smelling rather bland. This line of products has a very nice smell – nothing in particular, just a fruity, fresh smell that I really like.

For good reasons I can’t comment on how this works with dyed hair – it promises to give new life to your color and make it shine – you’ll have to see about that yourself.

~ Just to clarify, this post was not sponsored by anyone – I just wanted to mention the series because I was pleasantly surprised by it. ~

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