31 day nail polish challenge: day 28: Inspired by a flag

Yeah, so I wasn’t just inspired by ONE flag for this challenge day, but 5! I chose to do the 5 flags for the 5 nordic countries: Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (from thumb to pinky).

inspired by flag

I cannot BELIEVE how straight these lines are! That, I did not expect! Yes, they could be straighter, but I expected them to WAY more wobbly than they are! I did this on my dominant hand as well and they’re actually also pretty straight – what just happened there??

I used Essie’s Blanc and L’Oréal’s Banana Pop (for the Swedish flag) as my base colors and then I used generic stripers in red and blue.

17 thoughts on “31 day nail polish challenge: day 28: Inspired by a flag

  1. Country Girl Em 20/05/2015 / 13:03

    Love this 😊 I wanted to try something similar to celebrate Eurovision on Saturday but I don’t have enough colours…. Any excuse to buy more nail polish! Xx


    • Nanna Sander 20/05/2015 / 13:10

      I can always think of excuses to buy more polish! 😀 Well, depending on which flag(s) you want to do, you actually might not need that many different colors – if you think about it, most flags have the same color scheme, it’s actually a little weird lol.

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      • Nanna Sander 20/05/2015 / 13:15

        For whites I can recommend Essie’s Blanc or OPI’s Alpine Snow. I only have two yellows, actually, so I can only really recommend Banana Pop by L’Oréal, but I’m sure there are better ones out there 😉

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      • Country Girl Em 20/05/2015 / 13:18

        Sounds good – thank you for the recommendations. I will check them out when I go shopping at the weekend 😊 great post!

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  2. lisbethvestergard 20/05/2015 / 14:47

    Very Eurovision 😉

    De nordiske lande har altså også bare nogle herligt nemme flag. Forestil dig at lave Aserbajdsjan eller noget lignende haha! Dit finske flag er virkelig flot. En manicure jeg godt kunne finde på at lave til daglig også! (:


    • Nanna Sander 20/05/2015 / 15:04

      Flagene generelt eller Finlands? For Finlands flag er bare lidt lige som en “klassisk” manicure 🙂 Kunne slet ikke forstille mig at lave andet en streger.. De der flag med måner eller ørne og whatever 😀


      • lisbethvestergard 20/05/2015 / 15:30

        Kun det finske. Jeg foretrækker jo det simple :b

        Liked by 1 person

    • Nanna Sander 20/05/2015 / 19:32

      Præcis! Nu røg Danmark jo også, så må jeg satse på et af de andre :p


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