Friday favourite 

I’ve been supervising an exam in high school all day – now I’m ready to just curl up in bed with a book (even though I’ve read more than 300 pages today).

Hello all! Today, I wanted to talk about something that I’ve grown to love lately: the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara.
There are two colors and I have it in the darkest: dark brown. As I mentioned in my eyebrow post I only started actually doing something to my brows a couple of months ago. I’ve tried different things, but I really, really like this brow mascara. It has colored gel which has just the right opacity to shape and define your brows without making them look unnaturally dark. The brush is really great because it has that ball at the end so the area you’re touching is smaller which makes it easier to handle and to make sure you distribute it evenly – without the ball I manage to get it clumpy some places and not opaque enough other places. I like to pair it with an eyebrow pencil and it gives me perfect brows (as perfect as mine can get ;))

I’d definitely recommend this! Big thumbs up!

Have you tried this product or something similar?

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