Review: Tomorrowland – A World Beyond


3,5/5 stars

The movie has a promising storyline. Throughout the first half of the movie, when we’re presented with the premise, the story drags you in, partially because of the actual story and partially because of great visionary sequences. However, when it comes down to crunch-time, the plot is a little thin and hasty – almost as if the moviemakers forgot the movie was about to end and had to wrap it all up quickly. For the most part, the movie has you sitting at the edge of your seat, but eventually it just becomes predictable and it loses some of its entertainment value.

The movie is a great mix between a comedy and the post-apocalyptic thriller that we’ve gotten so familiar with, but it still has that hint of Disney that takes some of the seriousness away. The visual presentation of Tomorrowland is really great and that is what gives it that half-a-star extra. Had the movie been just half an hour longer, then it could have had more time for the ending and it would have deserved at least 4 stars.

What did you think of the movie?

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