A day in the life #4

  • Once again I find myself in the middle of a written exam and just do NOT want to write this one! It’s not hard, but it is so boring! It’s more about HOW to write a paper than actually writing a paper.
  • I am still waiting for my packages filled with new nail polish – now I’ve waited for three weeks and that’s 1½ week longer than expected. Won’t they just come already???
  • That’s also why my blog has been lacking nail art-related posts lately. I have so many ideas for new posts and manicures, but I really want to do them with the new polishes and it’s just not the same settling for polishes I already have, when I have a clear image in my head of how the design are going to look. So I’m feeling a little uninspired these days.. 
  • Today, I bought a new computer! My current computer has begun showing signs of age – it boots up slowly, freezes at times and has lost one of the keys, so I decided it might be time for an upgrade. 1-3 working days until it (hopefully) arrives at my local post office. I haven’t been very lucky with delivery dates lately, but I hope this comes within the promised time frame.
  • Am I the only one who’s excited about the Fifty Shades movie and the new book!!?? I preordered both so I’ll have them the day they come out. Nerd, much?
  • Then I’ll probably end up re-reading the three other books again………

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