First impressions/micro-haul: Garnier Products

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I am so much in the mood for shopping these days – it’s not good….

Garnier Moisture Recover – Recovery Gel-CreamIMG_1837

First impression: I’m impressed with how little it takes to cover your entire face – just a tiny little dab of your finger and you’ve got enough. My face felt really fresh and moisturised without feeling greasy.

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water

Now I’ve heard so many people praise products like these that I just have to try it for myself!

First impression: I put on way too much on my cotton pad – you don’t need that much of this product either! I was really surprised (and slightly disgusted) with how much dirt seemed to be on my face! The top cotton pad is clean and the bottom is all dusty and gross after using it.. Who knew you had so much dust and dirt on your face!? At least it’s clean now after using this!

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