Song of the day no. 10 + blogger’s block

Today’s song is very fitting for me these days. I finished work a few days ago and now I am just super tired all the time and I really don’t feel like doing anything. The blog has suffered a little this past month because I’ve been working so much and I did not feel like spending what little spare-time I had on blogging.. Furthermore, I suffer from a little bit of blogger’s block – I haven’t been able to paint my nails much lately and now that I do have time, I don’t feel like having wet nail polish when I just want to cuddle up in my couch or bed, plus all of my nails are super short because they break at work. And then what should I write about? I’m also in on a spending-ban, so no new products to write about. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I should write about on days when I don’t feel like painting my nails? I really want to get into blogging regularly again (once I’ve slept for a few days straight and get my energy back up 😉 )

2 thoughts on “Song of the day no. 10 + blogger’s block

  1. V 10/08/2015 / 17:21

    Blogging gets tough when life is busy. You could always do makeup tutorials, if you feel like doing makeup or a favorites post


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