Review: Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips


Dr Lipp is a cult beauty balm passed from nursing mothers to make-up artists. Helps soothe dry cracked skin. Famous for its thick, hypoallergenic, ultra hydrating & counter irritant qualities. Use on lips, nipples, cuticles, feet, abrasions, eczema, minor incisions and any dry skin areas. Loved by make-up artists as a long lasting lip gloss, for lip priming, mixing pigments, cheek shine and eyebrow shaping etc. Tasteless, odorless and so kissable…

Price: 12 £

This really is an all-round product. I’ve been using it on my lips and cuticles and especially dry skin. I’m pretty addicted to lip balm already, so I can’t say if it has improved anything there, but it has helped in the other areas and I’m certain it would do wonders for people whose lips tend to crack. The gloss is VERY long-lasting – I only apply it at night, because if I apply it during the day I can still feel it on lips when I eat something several hours later and I don’t like that feeling, because I feel food gets stuck on my lips. The gloss is very thick, which is fine for some people, but I’m not a huge fan of that mainly because the thickness also makes is more sticky than the lip balms I usually use. The tube is very small for the price, it only contains 15 ml, but I have found it to be very long-lasting because you don’t need it as often as other balms because it is so long-lasting on the lips or applied area.

I was lucky enough to win this in a Twitter giveaway by BeautyBay, otherwise I might not have bought it myself because of the price, but I’m glad I got a chance to try it. Would I repurchase? Yes, if the price wasn’t so steep. Would I consider putting it on my wish list and hope someone else bought it for me? Definitely, because I find that this works better for me than oils in regards to cuticle moisturisation.

Thumbs up for the effects of the product despite the thickness. Thumbs down for the prize.

This was sent to me for free from as a prize from a Twitter giveaway on their Twitter page.

2 thoughts on “Review: Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips

    • Nanna Sander 18/08/2015 / 10:53

      Thank you – I’d never heard about it either, but I’m glad I did 🙂


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