Weekly Round-up


Monday to Tuesday my friend Laura and I were at the spa where we stayed in this amazing room! Apartment goals! Behind the wall was a small wardrobe (which would of course have to be bigger in my home 😉 ) and it was the nicest room, I have ever stayed in! The offer we’d gotten included the spa and a 4 course meal and breakfast – the food was amazing, but the desserts were a huge fail.



Thursday my father came to visit and we went to the movie theatre to see a Danish film called “Sommeren ’92” (The summer of ’92) which is about the biggest – and only – accomplishment in Danish football – winning the European Cup. Not really my type of film, but my brother was an extra in it and actually had quite a lot of appearances, so of course I had to see that. Aside from the fact that it was funny seeing him in it, the movie wasn’t half bad either.


My father brought along some wooden pallets that we constructed into a television stand on Friday. It looks really cool and hides the cords from all of our electrical devices much better than our previous arrangement. Luckily, my boyfriend survived two spider “attacks” when carrying the pallets in.. *sigh* why did I have to find someone who was afraid of spiders so I would always have to kill them?

This brings us to Satuday where Jonas’ parents came by on their way to a concert. The rest of the weekend we have spent relaxing, watching ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Sherlock’ on Netflix (yikes, it’s exciting!) and getting ready for the beginning of the semester on Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Round-up

  1. Karen Rees 30/08/2015 / 17:59

    Sounds like a lovely weekend Nana 🙂 What a great idea with the palettes, that looks awesome!!! Ingenious!! Oh your poor boy friend… I share his fear of spiders so know exactly how traumatising one of these ‘attacks’ can be lol Karen xo


    • Nanna Sander 30/08/2015 / 18:28

      I’ve seen a lot of people use them for everything lately, so I had to jump onto the wagon 😉
      Haha, he almost couldn’t sleep afterwards 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karen Rees 31/08/2015 / 10:44

        Awwwwh bless him lol Well, a very resourceful idea hun, I think it’s fab!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. lisbethvestergard 30/08/2015 / 19:26

    Hvor var I i spa henne? Det så alt for lækkert ud (:


    • Nanna Sander 31/08/2015 / 11:23

      Comwell Kellers Park (Brejning). De havde sådan et summer delight tilbud så vi fik overnatning, 2 dages spa, 4 retters aftensmad og morgenmad til 2 pers for 2100. Vi fik regnet os frem til, at vi sparede omkring 1500 kr i forhold til hvad det ellers havde kostet..


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