31DC2015 begins today!

Photo credit to Chalkboard Nails

Today is the first the of the 31 day nail polish challenge. It is a very popular challenge in the nail-art-blogging world. I did the 2014 version, but I did it over several months, so this time I’m attempting to do it in just the 31 days. It’s going to be challenging and I might miss a day, but I’m going to at least try to complete it within the time frame.

You can follow my progess on the blog or on my 31DC2015 Pinterest board and you can check out other people’s submissions with the hashtag 31DC2015 or on instagram!

Will you be joining me in the challenge?

2 thoughts on “31DC2015 begins today!

  1. Meller / mitlivminblog.dk 05/09/2015 / 21:31

    If I had had more colos and more skill i would have considering the challenge 😀 I look forward to see the results ;D


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