Behind The Blog… featuring Nanna from Bottled In Denmark

The lovely Karen has featured me on her blog and I’m super proud, because being featured on her blog is a pretty big deal! If you don’t know Karen, now is a good chance! Karen had me answer a couple of questions – please check it out. I hope you like it!

Bottled In Denmark

Mornin’ lovelies…

The smell in the room is diiiiiivine as I’m currently marinaded in Treacle Moon raspberry body butter, with a vanilla wax melt on the go and a mug of sweet tea by my side; can you guess I’m excited for autumn with such an array of sweet smelling goodies?! 😉 Which reminds me, thank y’all so much for your awesome comments on yesterdays post ‘The Getting Ready For Fall Haul’ it would seem quite a few of my new treats have caught your cosmetic craving eyes, but fear not as follow-up news and reviews will be on their way pronto ladies!

Talking of news: I have the gorgeous & super talented Nanna from Bottled In Denmark on the virtual sofa today… I’m sure many of you are already familiar with her sassy corner of the internet but for those of you who aren’t then do get yourself over pronto, otherwise you’re…

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