31DC2015: Day 13 Animal Print

Today we’re having my boyfriend’s family over to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday, so right now my apartment smells like cake and freshly baked buns. I’m a sucker for birthdays!

But all of the preparations also mean that today’s manicure was quick, easy, and removed immediately after, which suits me well – I don’t dig the whole animal print-thing.. I didn’t want to do the traditional leopard print and I did giraffe print last time around, so my boyfriend suggested all sorts of animals, but I ultimately settled on the tiger.

13.1 13.2

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen – Tahitian sunset
  • Essie – Blanc
  • L’Oréal – Black Swan

[Day 13 – 2014]

7 thoughts on “31DC2015: Day 13 Animal Print

  1. Nina S 13/09/2015 / 20:31

    Det kan godt være, at du ikke selv er særligt vild med dyreprint, men daaaaamn girl, de her er super vellykkede! Fatter næsten ikke, hvor god du er blevet! 😀


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