Recreation: october 2014

Since my blog has celebrated its first birthday, I thought it could be super fun to go back and choose a nail design I did in a particular month last year and recreate it to honor it and see how much better I’ve gotten since. There are many of my first design that had very much potential, but my talent at the time often didn’t live up to what I had in mind.

My blog turned 1 year in late september, but I didn’t get around to the nail art until october, so october 2014 is the first month with nail designs to recreate.

In october 2014, I started the 31 day nail polish challenge 2014 (which took me up until this spring to complete…..) and I found inspiration in a design by Ohmygoshpolish – you can see the inspiration video here.

October 2014

Original post can be found here.


October 2015

oktober 2014 1 oktober 2014 2

Apart from the obvious changes like the name, better photo quality and a less awkward hand pose, the recreation looks – and is – much smoother in texture and the brush technique is much more consistent. I think, I might like the colors of the original version better, though. I’m pretty sure I actually did it with nail polish then whereas I used acrylic paint this time.

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