Surprise challenge: Green and nude zig-zag

My boyfriend surprised me the other day by saying that he’d come up with an idea for a new series on my blog; he would look at all of my nail polishes and put them together in groups of three and then I’d have to come up with nail art that consist of only those three polishes (with a free choice of top coat). And the catch – I have no saying in the pairings and I don’t get to know the combination until the day I am to create the nail art – I only asked that the combinations would be christmas-y for the month of december. This way I will get around to using some of the polishes I have worn very little.

For the first challenge, the polishes he has given me are:

  • Rimmel London – Bewitch
  • Essie – Ballet Slippers
  • Sally Hansen – Glass Slipper

This was a little tricky, since Ballet Slippers is a nearly nude polish and Glass Slipper also does not stand out too much, but I came up with something pretty cool – matte green on one side of nude zig-zags and shiny, glittery green on the other side.

Grøn zig-zag 1 Grøn zig-zag 2

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