10 perfect polishes for fall!

I love fall! Well.. At least when it behaves. I don’t love getting used to it getting dark early, or when it rains constantly. BUT! I do love the crispness the air gets, the pretty colors the nature gets and the fact that my birthday is just around the corner. To make things even better, fall brings out a whole new range of nail polish colors so different from the summer polishes – much darker and vampy.

In no particular order, I’m going to give you 10 examples of polishes (or colors) that I tend to reach for when fall comes. I already have some polishes in mind for christmas and winter, so please let me know, if you like this kind of posts.

1 L’Oreal 703 Oud obsession

L'Oreal 703

This chocolate-brown is a perfect color for fall. It looks really nice with a matte top coat as well!

2 Maybelline Midnight Taupe

Maybelline Midnight TaupeThis kind of brown has a cooler tone to it and I think it matches up really well with cream-colored clothes.

3 L’Oreal 409 Scarlet Vamp

L'Oreal 409What could scream fall (or even christmas and winter) better than a nice, vampy red?

4 Mavala Rio

Mavala RioI usually wear cremes and glitters for spring and summer, but when the cold weather starts creeping up on me, I pull out the shimmer polishes like this one. It is that perfect mix between red and brown that makes it perfect for both fall and christmas.

5 Sally Hansen Pat on the Black

SH 660I’d forgotten all about this polish until september this year, and I’ve been wearing it so many times since! I like how the purple looks almost black, but has more depth than a true black.

6 Maybelline Brick Shimmer

Maybelline Brick ShimmerLike I talked about not too long ago when I used this for nail art, this was originally bought with finding a rose gold in mind, and while this leans too bronze to be a rose gold, I still think it’s a great color for fall. And you guys – it’s a one coater!

7 Essie Coconut & Cocktails

Essie Cocktails and coconutsSometimes I feel the need to mix things up a bit and wear something light. This nude polish is just what I’m looking for, because it is a darker nude than the other nudes I have, which somehow makes it more fall-like to me.

8 Sally Hansen Loden Green

SH 833It’s funny, because originally I didn’t like this color at all, but when I looked at it through my fall-glasses it suddenly seemed much prettier, so I thought I’d give it a go and swatch it for this post, since olive-green is fall-appropriate, and I must admit that I might have been too hard on it. I haven’t really worn it outside of this picture, but I just might have to get started!

9 Essie Go Overboard

Essie Go OverboardThis is a warmer teal color, which is dark enough to be perfect for fall, but also light enough to not lose the dimension of the color.

10 Pieces Blackberry Mash

Pieces Blackberry MashThis is a cold-toned, blue-toned purple which is great to pull out when the weather gets colder.

 That’s it! Those are my 10 examples of nail polishes for fall! Which colors/polishes do you usually reach for this time of year?

4 thoughts on “10 perfect polishes for fall!

  1. Lifestylebites3 08/11/2015 / 12:00

    All sounds great colours for this Autumn and I really like the ever classic Scarlett vamp to the most as I’m so addicted to that shade


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