Simplified Blue Galaxy

I got this new blue color, and I just had to do something with it straight away! I was going to try a new technique to make the lighter blue look like smoke, but that was a massive fail! New idea – I think the light blue complimented the darker really well, so I sponged that on and then.. it needed some SPARKLE! This is how I came about this simplified blue galaxy.

Blue Galaxy 1Blue Galaxy 2

Polishes used:

  • Sally Hansen – Midnight Affair
  • China Glaze – Dj Blue My Mind
  • Sally Hansen – Get Your Number

6 thoughts on “Simplified Blue Galaxy

  1. Karen Rees 24/11/2015 / 00:08

    This is beeeeautiful Nanna – such a stunning mix of colours!!! Fab nail art as always 🙂 XXX

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  2. Lifestylebites3 24/11/2015 / 17:57

    I love astronomical featured nails and it looks so great on you. I just have a question – how do you take off those sticky shimmers because, sometimes it is quite hard to remove those bits with the normal nail polish remover. Any suggestions?


    • Nanna Sander 24/11/2015 / 18:16

      Well, this particular polish is a textured polish, which is not so difficult to remove. But when I remove glitter polish i soak a cotton ball in polish remover and lay it on my finger for a few minutes (sometimes I wrap tin foil around my finger too) and then press down and drag it off. That usually gets it 🙂 or you can paint on a layer of a new polish and then press and drag a cotton ball with remover. The new polish softens the old layers somehow..

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      • Lifestylebites3 24/11/2015 / 18:17

        Great useful information and I particularly like the last line. Thanks Nanna.


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