Review: Gold Stickers from the Born Pretty Store

Products sent to me for review.

Today, I have a review of these gold stickers that the Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me for review.

I forgot to take a picture of the packaging before I used it, so you’ll have to see the pictures on the website (Direct link).

Each package comes with one sheet with three designs. Each design has 10 stickers so you have enough for a full manicure.

The prize (at the moment) is: $2.94.

I tested one of the designs out, and here is what they look like over Essie’s Frock’n Roll.

gold half moon triangles 2gold half moon triangles 1

Since these are just regular stickers, they are super easy to use! You just take them off the paper and place them on your nail. If you’ve applied a layer of top coat before, you can even replace them if you’re not happy with your placement.

However, since they are just regular stickers, they peel off pretty quickly. I applied a layer of top coat over them, but after just a few hours, some of them started to lift a bit at the edges. With some of them, it was just the clear part that was in between the gold triangles, so I could just add another layer of top coat, but with one or two of them, the gold sticker also started to lift.

They are a bit tricky to get off, since nail polish remover does not dissolve them very easily, so you have to sort of dissolve the top coat, peel the sticker off with your fingers, and then remove the polish underneath.

While these might only be good for a day or two, they are perfect if you want a quick, easy manicure.

You can get them here, and if you use the discount code BOTX31 at checkout, you get 10 % off the entire website which is packed with nail art goodies!

Born Pretty Store Coupon Code.jpg



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