Dreamcatcher nail art + review of feather water decals from Born Pretty Store

Products sent to me for review

I have a thing for feathers in nail art. I’ve worn my “Inspired by a color”-mani from 31DC2015 several times since. So when The Born Pretty Store sent me some feather water decals to review, I was super excited! I even thought about recreating the manicure mentioned above, but since the sheet has 20 feathers on them, I thought I’d come up with something new for the blog and then wear the other manicure some other time. The site offers three different kinds of feathers, but I chose the most standard-looking feathers.


Now, you might remember from when I reviewed the owl water decals, I didn’t suceed very well – I found those very difficult to work with. These feathers, however, I had much better luck with.

I cut them out, removed the plastic cover and soaked them in water for 10-20 seconds and I was able to slide them off the backing paper by sort of sticking the decal to the tip of my finger. From there I was able to “roll” the decal onto my nail in the desired location, and voilá! Easy! I think these decals were easier to work with because they are smaller.

dreamcatcher 1dreamcatcher 2

I wish I’d used a darker background color for the two middle nails, but the image I found inspiration from had such a nice color scheme that I just had to recreate. I just forgot that the decals were white… I was going to use the solid colored feathers for both nails, but I accidentally used one of the ones that are clear in the middle, so for the fun of it, I tried to color it in. Despite the light background color, I hope you can still see how pretty the feathers look!

I’ll definitely be using these again! If you want them too, you can get them here and if you use the code BOTX31 you get 10 % off your entire order.

Polishes used:

  • Essie – Virgin Snow
  • L’Oreal – 210
  • Sally Hansen – 840
  • Depend- 356
  • Depend – 39

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