Review: Irregular Pattern Gradient Color Water Decals from the Born Pretty Store

Products sent to me for review

Today, I have a review of these water decals from the Born Pretty Store for you – they come in four different colors, but I really liked the light blue ones, so those are the ones I got.

You get one sheet in a pack, and you can see the approximated size you should cut them in so they fit over the entire nail.

IMG_4539On my left hand – the one I began with – I used the gradient like its shown here, but after cutting away almost half each time because my nails are short, I decided to do it differently on my right hand. I cut out the shape for one of my nails, and if I cut a lot off the tip, I re-used that part on another nail. It does not have quite the same gradient effect but it gives me some unused leftovers that I can use for an accent nail or something another time.

If you’re not familiar with how water decals work I’ll just quickly tell you. Water decals are sort of like temporary tattoos for your nails. You cut out the decal in the desired size and then you remove the protective film that’s over it – it’s best to do this after you’ve cut it. Then you soak it in water for 10-20 seconds and you can peel it off the backing paper. I’ve seen some people apply them with tweezers and I did that when I tried out the owl water decals, but I’ve found it much easier to slide it off onto my finger tip on the other hand and then apply it onto the nail from there just like I did it with the feather decals.

I did not cut them precisely to size, so to get the excess off around the sides and at the tip of my nail I took a brush dipped in acetone and held it onto the part I wanted to remove, and it dissovled easily. I have a quick, uneven coat of white polish on underneath since the lighter parts are a bit sheer, and I put on a layer of top coat to seal it all in, but also because it completely covered the small wrinkles I accidentally put in the decals.

blue abstract stickers 1 blue abstract stickers 3I think I’m getting a hang of this water decal-stuff! I remember how much I swore over the owl decals because they kept crumbling up on me, but I’m beginning to think that it might have more to do with my inexperience and me using tweezers to place it on, rather than the decal being at fault.

I think these look really cool and pretty, and I’m glad I saved some of it to use another time.

You can buy these at the Born Pretty Store, currently at the prize of $1.15. You can use the coupon code BOTX31 for 10 % off the entire website.


5 thoughts on “Review: Irregular Pattern Gradient Color Water Decals from the Born Pretty Store

  1. lisbethvestergard 23/02/2016 / 19:14

    De er virkelig vildt yndige dem her! Kan man mon få nogle derinde i samme stil, men uden de nødvendigvis er gradient? 🙂


    • Nanna Sander 24/02/2016 / 08:00

      Der er sindssygt mange at vælge imellem, så det kan man sikkert!


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