I don’t know how – or why – I’ve managed to NOT do a rose-manicure yet. I’ve seen many versions of them, but I’ve never actually done one myself. I guess I’ve always considered it to be too difficult or time consuming or whatever.. But lately, I’ve seen it around again (probably because of spring) and after watching several video tutorials on it over the years, today was the day!

And honestly, I’m super surprised! It was not at all difficult or time consuming! It’s really just a blob of color and three white lines for dimension. Add some green triangles for leaves and that’s it! I don’t know why I thought that was so hard..  I’m really proud of my first attempt at roses.

Roses 1roses 2

Polishes used:

6 thoughts on “Roses

  1. Lifestylebites3 14/03/2016 / 20:02

    Wow! It certainly looks so rocking. Great details on the rose that are faultlessly bang on.


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