Two nude manis

I’ve always said (read: wanted) that if I could ever get my nails long enough to shape them almond shaped without cutting them short in annoyance, then I would wear nude manis all the time. Well, all the time may be too optimistic given I have a nail art blog, and you’d probably get bored with seeing those all the time, but I’ve managed to wear it twice within the last weeks.The first one was just when my nails were long enough for the almond shape, but not very long at all.

Nude with dots

I threw in some dots down the side of my nails, because I love me some dots! The polishes for this one are:

  • Essie – Hubby For Dessert
  • MAC – Anti-fashion

The one I’m wearing now is a matte version, still with Essie’s Hubby For Dessert as the base color, but this time with China Glaze’s Fairy Dust to spice things up a bit – and of course my trusted matte top coat from OPI. My nails are a lot longer now and even more almond shaped.

matte nude with holo

While I love this slightly-purple sheer nude, I’m having such a hard time finding a sheer nude that is not streaky! I’ve tried Essie’s Ballet Slippers, OPI’s Bubblebath, Essie’s Ladylike, this one. And with all of them I’ve managed to get streaks.

Do you know of any sheer nudes that cover more evenly?

Please let me know if you do! Oh, and as always, I’d like to hear your suggestions for nail art or posts you’d like me to do.

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7 thoughts on “Two nude manis

  1. Nina S 16/05/2016 / 18:04

    Jeg har været mega glad for Essies “Potato Fields”. Så meget, jeg tror jeg må ud og købe en ny, snart! 😀


      • Nina S 18/05/2016 / 21:32

        Jeg tror egentligt, at det var sådan en de altid havde…


      • Nanna Sander 18/05/2016 / 22:46

        Jeg må kigge efter den 😊 Sally Hansen har 3 for 2 i matas, og skulle alligevel have top coat, så prøver en af deres nudes og ser hvordan den er😊


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