Tribal Nail Decals | HOW TO

Product sent to me for review

After a few posts of trying to explain how I use water decals, this time, I’ve made a video showing you! You can find that further down this post.

The water decals I’m using for this mani are from Born Pretty Store. Born Pretty Store calls them tassels, but I call them tribal decals. You can choose between two patterns – one that inspired the ‘tassels’ name, and the one that I got which reminds me more of tribal patterns – or at least that’s what they became!


These decals are just as easy to use as the other water decals I’ve tried, and now I’ve gotten the hang of applying them, which definitely helps a lot! Practice sure makes perfect in this case, so if you’ve tried decals and failed at it, just try again!

I added some black lines in between the decals to cover up the white gaps where my application was not completely straight – I now see that neither are my black lines, but they don’t look as crooked in real life 😉

Tribal nail decals 1Tribal nail decals 2

Get the decals here, and if you use the code BOTX31 you get 10 % off the entire site


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