Marble Nails Using a Permanent Marker

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still very much in to everything marble (and rose gold, but that’s a subject for another time). My eyes are still drawn to everything resembling marble and I’ve had to stop myself from buying yet another marble item many times.

As for marble nails, there are so many different ways of doing them, and I love the look of them all! Hand-painted, stamped, water spotting – if you can name it, it exists. I’ve only tried creating marble nails with the water spotting technique myself, and while it produces an awesome look, it is sorta time consuming having so many steps.

However, the technique I’m using this time is really easy and simple! Granted, it does require some items not usually used in nail art, so I had to go out and buy those. It requires permanent markers and isopropyl alcohol. I’ve wanted to do this for so long, but while isopropyl alcohol is a household item and therefore very cheap, original Sharpies are SUPER expensive, so I’ve been really tentative about buying those. But then I found a cheaper alternative in some non-namebrand markers, and I finally got to try out this technique. All in all I spent about $8/£6 which is not at all bad for 10 markers and 500 ml of isopropyl alcohol. I don’t know why I didn’t think to explore the market for non-brand markers sooner. I cannot tell you who first came up with the technique, because it is everywhere now, but let me just throw out there that it was not me 😉

I did, however, make a video showing you how I did my take on this – you can watch the video after the first two images.

Marble with sharpie 2Marble with sharpie 3

Can I just say that this was my first try ever? It is that easy!

The really big upside to this is how fast everything dries! And after using this technique, I want to make lots more nail art with it, since it can create some really cool effects. Here it is in a blue version that has a more water color-like effect, and by adding even more color or mixing colors, you could make it look even more like water color.

Marble with sharpie blue 1Marble with sharpie blue 2

Do you like this technique? Would you try it out?

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