Stamping Plate Haul

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I’ve been considering buying some stamping plates for a very long time. I sorta can’t help but think of stamping as ‘cutting corners’ at nail art instead of free-handing things (which I know is stupid), but I also think you can create some amazingly pretty things with stamping plates. Maybe these plates will change my mind and I’ll never want to do any free-handing again.

I already have two small stamping plates and a stamper (both from Depend), but I haven’t been using them that much – so far.

I’ve been eyeing a couple of stamping plates from Born Pretty Store, so I recently caved in and bought them. Forgive me for already having used some of the products – I didn’t think I was going to make a haul post, and I couldn’t wait to try these out. Also, please excuse the weird angles and/or visible hands and/or dust particles in the images – mirror-like objects are super hard to photograph properly.

Negative Space Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP77

Nail Art Stamp Template Lovely Flower Star Pattern QA64

Lace Chevron Nail Art Stamp Template Vines Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP-L028 12.5 x 6.5cm

Black White Stripe Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #Cooi001

And of course I had to get the oh-so-popular clear jelly stamper, but I cannot for the life of me get it to work.. I ended up using my regular stamper and that worked much better. I’ve heard you shouldn’t prep this in any way, but since it doesn’t really pick up the images, I’m thinking maybe I should? Please let me know if you have any tips about that!

2pcs/set Clear Jelly Stamper with Cap Nail Art Clear Silicone Marshmallow Nail Stamper & Scraper

I think my favorite is probably the one with the plaid patterns on it – that’s going to be the first one I’m going to use. I also really like the one with the all the triangles. I can’t wait to try these out!

5 thoughts on “Stamping Plate Haul

  1. Pinnatifid 23/06/2016 / 08:26

    I’m new to stamping too, and having so much fun! I just bought a plaid patterned one as well, but haven’t received it yet. Love your plate with the plaids, as well as the first negative space one! Have fun & looking forward to seeing your designs 🙂


    • Nanna Sander 23/06/2016 / 14:51

      I hope it’s just like everythink else in nail art and that practice will make perfect 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thea 27/06/2016 / 23:25

    Det ser super fedt ud, er helt vild med de forskellige mønstre

    Liked by 1 person

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