Silver Crown Tips

I really like french tips, but sometimes I feel the need to change it up a bit from the traditional french tip. I saw this pin and kinda just went from there. I made it a more subtle version, and I think it looks really pretty. Still sophisticated if you look from afar, but with an interesting twist when you look up close. Plus, I actually really like holographic top coats over naked nails.

I painted the crowns with a nail art brush – it wasn’t until after that I realized I could have used a zig-zag stencil/guide. That might have been easier than what I did, but.. oh, well.. I’ll do that next time, because I’m definitely doing these again!

silver crowns 1silver crowns 2

Polishes used:

  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust
  • Essie – Après-chic

10 thoughts on “Silver Crown Tips

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