Recreation: August 2015

Oh, I remember this manicure. I originated from a pin, but I had several things working against me. First of all, I was working with a top coat that was nearing the bottom and had become thick and gloopy and stringy. Second, I had nowhere near enough patience for a manicure that requires three rounds of drying time.

I promised myself in last year’s post that I would recreate this sometime with more patience, so of course this had to be this month’s recreation. I made this my project of the day and left plenty of time (hours) for each layer to dry (and for my patience level to come back up).

August 2015

Original post can be seen here.

Grønne trekanter Grønne trekanter 2

August 2016


august 2015 1august 2015 2

Polishes used:

  • Mavala – Electric Green
  • Sally Hansen – Vitamin Sea
  • Essie – Ruffles & Feathers
  • Rimmel London – Bewitched
  • H&M – Mermaid

It’s amazing how much difference a newer top coat makes! I also spent more time creating straight lines that looked even across the nails.


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