31 Day Nails Polish Challenge 2016

September is almost here. That means the official beginning of fall (hopefully not in regards to the weather), and going back to school. But for some people, september also means an entire month of nail art! Everyday, for 31 days, people into nail art will be creating nail art fitting with the prompt of the day.

I’ve participated two times – the first time I spread it out over more than a month, but last year I managed to keep up with everyone else, and I felt super proud. It really pushed my limits of creativity and nail art abilities and I honestly think I became better at nail art for it.

So of course, I’m participating again this year, and I invite you all to join me! You can do it by blog, youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, or even just for yourself.. Whatever floats your boat. Just remember to use the hashtag #31Dc2016.


I got this prompt photo over at Chalkboard Nails – she has other photos if you’re not a fan of this one.

I will be posting my contributions to the blog, facebook, instagram and pinterest, and I hope you’ll all follow me in my quest to complete all the prompts!


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