Recreation: December 2015

Happy 1st December everyone!

Here, I am finishing the final project of this semester – after tomorrow I can look forward to a nice, long holiday break – the first real one since I started university 3½ years ago. I am so excited to have a nice, cozy December this year with plenty of time to watch movies, buy presents, apply nail polish and see my friends and family. We’re working as productively as we can today so we can have the night off to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.

Since the first day of December falls on a Thursday, I am kicking this month in with a recreation manicure.

December 2015

Original post can be seen here.

Christmas ornaments 1

December 2016


december-2015-1 december-2015-2

My nails are quite a lot longer this year, which gave me more space for the ornaments. They are definitely more uniform this time around. I also allied myself with a thinner striping brush for the bows which helps it look much better.

Polishes used:

  • OPI – Alpine Snow (white)
  • Maybelline – Light Up (silver)
  • China Glaze – Skyscraper (purple)
  • OPI – Get Your Number (blue)
  • China Glaze – Material Girl (pink)
  • L’Oréal – 843 (gold)

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