Wishlist 2016

Today I am bringing you my wishlist for 2016. This is the non-beauty edition – I’ll follow up with the beauty edition at a later point. Since my birthday is 26th November, I always have to be pretty creative with my wishlist because I have to come up with A LOT of wishes. This list is what I’ve come up with this year minus all the things I got for my birthday.


  1. Jojo Moyes – Me Before You. Pre-movie edition cover. I wanna know what the fuss is about!
  2. Mads Stage Bird Mugs. My mom has these and they are the PERFECT size for a cup of coffee! Just enough to satisfy your need, but small enough so your beverage doesn’t get cold before you’re done drinking it.
  3. Cinema tickets. Usually, the movies I wanna see come out in bulks, and being on a tight budget, it’s nice to have a way of getting to see all the movies anyway.
  4. Hoptimist Mug in Purple. Ugh. This one. There are six different colors of these. I have five, and now they’re being discontinued, so hopefully someone will snatch it up for me before they’re gonna be impossible to find.
  5. Andy Weir – The Martian. I haven’t actually seen the movie, but I’ve read an excerpt of the book.
  6. Infinity candle holder. This is just gorgeous!
  7. Lauren Graham – Talking As Fast As I Can. OG Gilmore Girls fan here – of course I’m gonna want this!
  8. Tripod. We bought a camera for Black Friday, so naturally a tripod would be next. We already have a gorillapod, but we’d like an upgrade.
  9. Daniel Wellington Watch Classic Bristol. I just love Daniel Wellington watches! I have one with a black band and rose gold dial, but I’d really like the dark brown and gold one!
  10. Settlers of Catan Seafarers. We have the normal Settlers of Catan and enjoy it quite a lot.
  11. Alchemists. We’ve actually never played this, but we LOVE board games.
  12. Joel McHale – Thanks For The Money. I mostly know McHale from Community, but this book is very satirical and funny, so I’d like to read more of that.

    Those are my non-beauty related wishes! Do you have anything special you’d like this year?

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5 thoughts on “Wishlist 2016

  1. Nina S 03/12/2016 / 18:07

    Årh jeg ønsker mig virkelig neglelak. Jeg har i et forsøg på et være praktisk og få indhentet de penge, jeg brugte på at flytte kun ønsket mig virkelig praktiske ting (en ny elkedel og en kontorstol, blandt andet), og det betyder bare at der er så mange fjollede ting, jeg har glemt på min ønskeseddel 😦 jeg ønsker mig nogle repurchases fra Essie: Aruba Blue (min absolutte yndlingsfarve), A Cut Above (som ville passe perfekt til det Daniel Wellington-ur, jeg også ønsker mig) samt Eternal Optimst (der bare er en fantastisk farve!) 😀


    • Nanna Sander 03/12/2016 / 19:24

      Du har da haft eternal optimist? Den har jeg da beundret engang til kor :p åh ja, A Cut Adove er flot – har brugt en halv flaske.. Som du kommer til at se på beauty delen af min ønskeseddel ønsker jeg mig virkelig Zoya neglelakker, specielt pixie dust.


  2. lisbethvestergard 03/12/2016 / 19:57

    Hvis du ikke får Me Before You i julegave, så må du altså hjertens gerne låne den af mig. Den tager næppe skade af en lille ferie 😉

    Bortset fra det, så ønsker jeg mig virkelig også et tripod! Og et nyt objektiv, men det er nok lige i den dyre ende, haha 😀



    • Nanna Sander 03/12/2016 / 22:14

      Det kan være jeg tager dig på ordet 😉

      Haha, me too med objektivet, men satser ikke engang på at få uret :p


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