Song of the day: Evermore – Dan Stevens

It’s been so long – nearly two years in fact! – that I have shared a song with you that I am currently obsessed with. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1) I became a little lazy and didn’t always feel like writing long(er) blog posts, and notd-posts are just quicker to write; and most importantly 2) the posts weren’t that popular, and for a long time, I feel like I’ve blogged more for the sake of other’s than my own, and only writing posts that I knew would be popular. However, I think that’s a shame, because music is just as big a part of my life as beauty is, so I’m bringing back the series.

The first song to kick off the series again comes from the remake of Beauty and the Beast.

I saw the remake about a month ago, and it was so sweet! Of course I remembered the overall plot, but I’d forgotten all the smaller details from the original, so it was almost like seeing the movie for the first time. When this song played, I was completely captivated by it. The way Dan Stevens sings it is phenomenal. His beast-voice is so deep and resonant, something I’ve always been a sucker for. He pours such emotion into it that you can’t help but feel what he’s feeling. I raced straight home and put it on my Spotify playlist, and I always get sucked into the world again whenever I hear it.

Did you see the remake of Beauty and the Beast?

2 thoughts on “Song of the day: Evermore – Dan Stevens

  1. Nina S 24/04/2017 / 10:48

    Årh jeg elskede Beauty and the Beast!


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