Song of the day: Ronan Hardiman – Dance Above the Rainbow

Okay you guys, I might seem super obsessed with all things Irish with my recent referral to St. Patrick’s Day, and now I’m sharing this song with you, but I’m no more obsessed than always. I have just always had a thing for riverdance. It always gives me goosebumbs when I watch it, and I would LOVE to learn it for myself!

In my Zumba class, we have a recurring routine that is inspired by riverdance (very loosely, because that stuff is HARD), and even though it always comes on towards the end of the class where most of my energy is spent, I always get a burst of new energy for this song. After class, I stayed behind to ask our instructor for the name of the song, and this was it, so this is a great starting point for when I want to dream that I was that quick on my feet. Seriously, have you seen how talented they are!?

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