Q&A a day – a different way of journaling

I have never really kept a journal except for about a week when I was very young, and even then I didn’t really do it properly. I always had this idea in my head about what you should write in a journal, and my life never really lived up to that. I didn’t suffer the big heartaches or crushes that deserved page after page in a book, which the protagonist always seemed to write about in American movies – and we all know American teen movies accurately depict reality. At least I didn’t at the time when I kept a journal, and once I started having journal-worthy experiences (which I now know have a much broader range than love), I never really knew how to write about it.

However, on 16 February 2017 I started writing a journal, and I can pinpoint the exact date because of this book.

Actually, it started in Berlin about a month before that, where I was on a trip with my friend Laura, and (like on many other occasions) she had brought something that I immediately went home and bought for myself, and that was this five-year journal. Every single day of the year, it asks you a question that you must answer, and it has room for five entries on each page so you can keep writing in it over the course of five years.

Some questions are easy and straightforward:

– Do you live alone?

– Which friend did you last speak to?

– Which word did you overuse today?

Others are deep and make you think hard about the answer:

– If you could have a superpower for just today, what would it be?

– Are you the original or the remix?

– What makes a good friend?

Others again are very open-ended and almost impossible to answer:

– Today you’ve got too much ___

– You wish you could stop ___ from happening

– ___ is perfect

This journal is a great way to store your thoughts and memories without having to think up lengthy paragraphs on your own. It allows you to look back each year, and remember where you were at that point in your life. I keep it in my bedside table and I scribble in it each night. For me, it’s a great way to end my day and actually think about the events so that my days of doing primarily the same things don’t blur together into one. I am very much looking forward to when I’ve completed a full year, so that I can also reminisce about previous years.

This journal is available in English on Amazon (among other places), but I’ve also found it in Danish, so I would imagine that it has been translated to most languages if you search for it on Google. While I have the original, it comes in different versions including one for kids, couples, artists etc.


3 thoughts on “Q&A a day – a different way of journaling

    • Nanna Sander 01/05/2017 / 07:00

      Already now, when I went to look at some of my answers, it was fun to see, so I’m guessing it will be a lot of fun when years have passed.


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