Let’s get ready for 31DC2017!

I cannot believe that 1st September is only a week away! Where did the summer go!? Not that the weather was very good here in Denmark… I still think time flies by so incredible fast – I don’t remember it being this quick when I was younger?

In the nail art community, September means 31 days of nail art, and I – of course – will be joining the amazing group of nail artists and nail art entusiasts who all come together to celebrate September (and 1st October) with 31 manicures.

Like every year, there are a set of fixed challenges that everyone completes, but it always amazes me to see how differently everyone interprets the prompts.

The challenge originates from Chalkboard Nails, but this year it is hosted by More Nail Polish.

The 31 prompts are as follows:


I will be participating for the fourth time:

Here is my 2014 sum-up post

Here is my 2015 sum-up post

Here is my 2016 sum-up post

You can follow my progress in the challenge here on the blog, on Facebook and Instagram. If you are joining, don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #31DC2017.

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