31DC2017: Day 26 Inspired by a Pattern

I went to Google and searched ‘pattern’ to find the inspiration for today’s nails. There were a lot of really good options, but ultimately, I settled on this pattern because I remembered that I had these glitters in my drawer so that I could do it as glitter placement. I thought about filling the entire nail, but I doubt I would have had the patience for that!



Polishes used:

  • Essie – Licorice
  • Born Pretty Store holographic Rhombus Glitters in silver and gold

[31DC2016: Day 26]

[31DC2015: Day 26]

[31DC2014: Day 26]

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4 thoughts on “31DC2017: Day 26 Inspired by a Pattern

    • Nanna Sander 28/09/2017 / 08:14

      Thanks! It was a test to my patience, but I did it πŸ˜…


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